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Old Sturbridge Village…Simple Machines

Image of a Simple Machine at Sturbridge Village

Photo by Laurel Thorndike

I had the pleasure of accompanying my son’s third grade class on a recent trip to Old  Sturbridge Village in search of simple machines.

The class was reminded to be on the look out for simple machines and how they were used to make peoples lives easier, and to think of how these inventions relate to the things we use today. Old Sturbridge Village is a wonderful example of what life as an early 19th c.  American  family would be like.  It is divided into three distinct areas: the Mill Neighborhood, the Countryside, and the Center Village.

We had no problem finding these simple machines everywhere. The Blacksmith Shop, Gristmill, and Cooper Shop were the obvious ones. But we could find them among the farmers and common folk too!

There is a picnic area so you can pack a lunch and enjoy the grounds. This is an outdoor walking tour, so plan for good weather. And about 4 hours or so with a lunch break and a group of energetic youngsters!


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