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Museo Nacional del Belle Artes, Havana Cuba

We just got back from Habana (yes, that’s how they say it)
So we’ll start with except from our other blog at http://www.profsharon.net

“Then, we boarded the bus to the Museo Nacional del Belle Artes where we got a two-hour tour by the Vice-President of the Ludwig Foundation. Check out their website to see a selection of the most amazing art we were able to enjoy.  It was a beautiful building, and we could have easily spent hours in there on our own.  A good reason to return!  It was located across from the Revolution Museum where in the courtyard was the boat Castro used, planes and more.  Fascinating indeed.”

We specifically got a tour of the local collection, which means art of Cuba’s since the Revolution. Our guide gave in-depth discussions of a number of artists and how their work reflected both their time and their unique take on how other artists portrayed similar events in their own lives.

El Rapo de la Mulatas

One  very striking work “El Rapto de la Mulatas” by Artist:  Carlos Enriquez,

Based on the classic work “Rape of the Sabine Women”:


Rape of Sabine Women by Poussin from the Louvre via wikipedia

Close examination of Enriquez’s painting shows that the woman have the power. rather than the men in the original painting(s).

We saw works by Victor Patricio, Amelia Pelaez, Wilfredo Lam, and others.

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